Thursday, August 24

IBM Buys ISS for 1.3B

Okay, so IBM bought ISS. Interesting.

Now, in recent years IBM has kinda ditched their software/hardware business and have went more MSSP, (Managed Services). Did IBM buy ISS for that? Did they buy them to enhance their customer base? Did they buy them to suddenly jump both feet directly into the Security space?

My good friend Alan Shimel had this to say:

"[...] ISS for years has been growing more and more services and less and less software revenue. In fact some might claim they were more a services company than a software company. Also, to a certain extent was ISS part of the walking dead. Still a player, but frankly not keeping up with cutting edge stuff and living on their reputation. [...] I think Tom Noonan and the rest of the ISS team should be congratulated on bringing this ship into port. The real question is what does IBM do with this company. Do they emphasize the services and research or do they revitalize the product line up. Time will tell. It certainly makes for excitement in the security industry though."


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