Thursday, July 27

MacBook Complaints


Recently I've been reading alot of stuff about the complaints people have had with the MacBooks. Now, I can't speak as to the whining noise that is heard (other than it may be a fan that is caught up...)

But the discoloration. I've heard alot about this 'mysterious miscoloration' that is taking place on the palmrest area of the MacBook.

Well, go take a look at this link, or even at the picture below.

Look at the discoloration. There are four major spots. Left and right. Where the wrists sit. On the mouse bad button, where the thumb rests from clicking, and near the space bar where the thumb rests to hit the spacebar while typing. The user in the picture is obviously right hand dominant. You can see the shape of the thumb on the mousepad button!!

Now, It's a WHITE computer. You have dirty hands. And you guys are complaining because of the discoloration? How about, 'wash your hands before using the computer'!? Whats up with that little tidbit?

I use a powerbook, its metal. But even the dirt on my hands transfers to the medium after months of use. I clean it, it goes away, end of story.

Use your brains people. It's not Apple's fault that there is a 'weird discoloration', if you people knew what soap was, you wouldn't have the problem.

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