Wednesday, April 13


Ever seen that commercial where that dude is like "I've done it, I've reached the end of the internet." You go to one page, that links to this page, this page links to this page.. Before long you're at this (seriously I got to this by links)..

Rachel Ray Link Racheal Ray (or however you spell her name) is that chick on the Food Network that is really annoying and has a couple shows. 30 Minute Meals (Dirty Minute Meals), 40 dollars a day (40 dollars a Lay), and another one that I can't remember.

Apparently she did a spread for FHM magazine (FHM = For Him Magazine) a magazine that is borderline porn... Looking kinda hot.

Personally I think she's rather annoying. (her laugh kills me).. whether she's hot or not is a different matter of opinion, but her annoyingness kinda overshadows her looks IMO.


Anonymous said...

suddenly I'm craving fudge sauce....

I actually sorta dig her $40/day the wife makes me watch...yeah that's it.

Joel Esler said...

She's annoying, but fine.