Wednesday, January 4

A shortcut to make a PDF out of a webpage and save it to

While on MacOS (and iOS) you can use the Share Sheet from Safari to share a webpage to Notes, it only shares the title, URL, and the favicon to save to a new Note.

I wanted a PDF of the entire page, so I wrote a shortcut to do it.

Here's a link to it, but also, here's a screenshot, since I know the shortcut links can be somewhat unreliable.

It grabs the input from the share sheet, gets the content of the page, and it saves the contents of the page as a variable called "Title".  Then it creates a PDF from the shortcut input.  It also grabs the URL from the shortcut input

Then I use the output of the variable "Title" in the Text block to grab the Name of the page:

Then it creates a Note with the title of the Note as the "Name" from the Title variable in a folder in my notes called "Scans", appends the URL from the "Get URLs" block and saves that in the Note, then appends the PDF to it.

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