Thursday, April 8

Call of Duty Error 6034 for the Xbox

Several friends and I play Call of Duty nearly every night.  However, Activision’s most recent multiplayer update broke the heck out of Call Of Duty Modern Warfare’s Multiplayer mode. Luckily, my buddy Nigel figured out how to fix it, so here I am writing it down for you. 

Go to the Home menu, put your selector (cursor) on the game, hit start (not “A”). A menu will come up, on that menu it says “Manage Game and Add-Ons”. 

Select it, then go into the Addons section on the right.  You will need to remove some packages 

Look for Multiplayer Pack 2 (9.1 GB). Uncheck this one. 
Look for Multiplayer Pack 3 .  Uncheck this one. 

You need to have Multiplayer Pack 2 (22 GB) and Mutiplayer/Special Ops packs installed. 

Over on the night select save or whatever to save the state of the game. (To uninstall those two packages)

Now restart the game. You should be good. 

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