Friday, April 1

Time to move on to a new job.

For the past, almost 6 years, my employment at Sourcefire has been great.  I've worked in Professional Services, going around to over 150 customers, educating them on Sourcefire, the product, the GUI, detection, and all the awesome that is, but..... it's time for me to move on.

I accepted a position last October with Sourcefire, being in charge of OpenSource Community Management, in charge of coordinating the communities themselves and being the liaison between the communities and the company (Sourcefire) for all OpenSource products.  This has been great.

Well, I'm pleased to announce that, I am retaining this new role as I go, so I will still be the OpenSource Community Manager for Sourcefire.  

Where am I moving to?  A company you may have heard of:

That's right, I'm staying right here.  Effective today, I'm moving out of Sourcefire's Professional Services team and moving to the Vulnerability Research Team (VRT), the team at Sourcefire that is responsible for publishing detection for Snort, ClamAV, and Razorback.

My new role has me writing detection for Snort primarily, moving into writing detection for ClamAV and even vulnerability research down the road.

I'm pretty excited about this move, as you can probably tell, and look forward to working with my new team.  

P.S.  I know I write this on April 1, but it's not an April Fools joke ;)

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Joe said...

Congrats. I'm glad you are keeping the community manager role. You've done a great job and it's been a huge help