Friday, March 25

To the Cloud! (with the blog)

Some of you may have noticed that my blog looks a bit different.  

I moved it from my own server and put it up on Google's Blogger hosting service.  I had it up on Blogger about a year ago, and in retrospect can't think of why I took it and put it on my own server.  Experimenting I guess.

In the meantime there are going to be a lot of 404 links for really long url's and url's that have strange characters in them.  They'll 404 themselves out of the search engines and be reindexed soon I hope, so I'm not too terribly concerned.  

If you came to my blog on a search query (which about 50% of you do), and your search resulted in a 404, then take a look at the archives, or use the search box.

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