Monday, February 8

WP Greet Box is back

I took away the WP Greet Box for awhile based on the fact that I didn't really have it configured optimally.  I wanted the Greet Box (which is a little pop up widget that say "Hello, welcome to the site, you can subscribe here" -- pretty much) because on several of the themes I have been partial to, had no obvious way to subscribe via RSS.  I've fixed that now with, as the blog will advertise that it has a feed in the URL bar now (for most modern browsers), also with a link over in the sidebar that points you to the feed.  But I wanted a little something, non-intrusive, that pointed to the RSS feed when you came from certain sites.  (Digg, StumbleUpon, things like that).  So it's there again, but only if you get directed from certain webpages to my site.  Which, actually, is the majority of the hits I receive.  Basically it's just an experiment.  Bear with me.

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