Wednesday, July 8

Google Chrome OS is a threat to whom?

Let me be clear, I like the idea of Google Chrome OS. Fast, “thin client”, cloud based, etc.

But I’ve read a lot today about Google Chrome OS is going to be dropping a “bomb” on Microsoft, and they should be scared.

The only way that Microsoft should be scared is if Google Chrome gets on ALL the netbooks, which is a huge market, and totally ousts Windows from the platform... which they won’t.

Microsoft has had their OS in development for 20+ years? OSX, which is Unix based, has had the underlying pinnings of their OS around for what? 30 years+? OSX, who was NextStep before, has at least been around since... 1989? So it’s 20 years old?

It’s not that I don’t hope that Google Chrome OS does well, I like the concept of the thin based OS, as I said, but I just get frustrated at the “media” who use headlines like “bomb on Microsoft”.

Come on, really? I know why they do it, I know its for headlines and sensationalism, but let’s put a dose of reality into these headlines please?

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