Thursday, May 1

What went wrong with the Podcast?

This morning we had a reader write into the Internet Storm Center telling us that the intro music and the outro music was there but there was no vocal track on the podcast.

Turns out what happened was, when I copied and pasted the vocals from the track that I recorded the podcast on into the template I have set up for music and what not, it overwrote the vocal track.  

It's hard to describe, but basically Garageband overwrote itself, so the vocal track ceased to exist.  What a pain.  So, here I am this morning panicking to myself saying 'oh crap I erased the vocal, we'll have to re-record, blah blah'.  

Then I thought about it, I have Time Machine.  I know my laptop backed up to Time Machine after I recorded the podcast right?  So I went to my ~/Music/Garageband folder, and hit the Time machine button, went back in time till yesterday at 7 pm between the time when we got done recording the podcast and I saved it, to when I edited the podcast and put music in it at about 830 pm.  There was the original recording, I clicked restore and Time Machine asked me if I wanted to keep the old one, the new one, or both.  I clicked both.    Then I was able to get the audio from one session to another successfully, then mix it down to mp3.

Worked great.  Thank you Apple.  Thank you Time Machine.  If I didn't have time machine we would have had to re-record the podcast, because of a stupid copy and paste error that I made.  Saved me about 3 hours worth of work.  Awesome.

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