Thursday, May 1

ISC Podcast Episode 3

Hey all, we just put out Episode Number 3 for the Internet Storm Center Podcast. Available via iTunes here, and for you non-iTunes users, here.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, the

"Available via iTunes here, and for you non-iTunes users, here."

points me to rss subscription which I did , but no sign of the mp3/ogg link


Joel Esler said...

Should be fixed now.

Anonymous said...

>Joel Esler said...
> Should be fixed now.

nope - still points to:

nothing about mp3 or gg loads or is accessible

Joel Esler said...

When i browse to that site i get a list of all the podcasts we've ever done. I don't know what to tell you. Try using Firefox or something. I know Firefox parses xml correctly.

Anonymous said...

found the problem - at least for me. I am using firefox on Linux and am using liferea for feed agregation. It's set up so that when I click on a news feed it adds it to liferea. But unfortunetly it does it silently.

now I've got umpteen dozen duplicate feeds to delete now. It added one everytime I tried to click on that link.

oh dear - I really don't feel like editing the add feed script ... but that's a pain.

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