Monday, September 17

Stoned.Angelina makes its way back..

Does anyone remember this boot sector virus? Stoned.Angelina? no? It’s only 13 years old.

Apparently a bunch of laptops pre-installed with Windows Vista Home Premium (wtf ever that means) was found to be infected with this 13 year old virus.

What happened to that MSFT anti-virus?

The Register has the story. Albeit funny though.

It is “an unfortunate” mistake for the company that put it on there “Bullguard”.

Bullheaded move is more like it.

Update: Apparently this dude over at didn’t really like my post. First of all, it’s meant to relay information and yet, be funny at the same time.

So, #1 -- This is Bullguard’s fault. If you couldn’t read into that in the above post, well I am sorry.
#2 -- This is not Vista’s fault. Just MSFT being a victim of circumstance. This shouldn’t happen to an Apple computer because they control the manufacturing process of the hardware and the software. MSFT doesn’t. They just make the software, so they are at the hardware manufacturers mercy.
#3 -- I was definitely making fun of Vista’s naming structure. “Vista Home Premium” What does that mean? My question for Microsoft is, why couldn’t there just be ONE version of Vista. OSX does it! Linux does it! (yes they have versions like “Advanced Server” -- or whatever it’s called now..)
#4 -- I was poking fun at MSFT’s anti-virus service.

However, the dude that calls me everything but the kitchen sink over on his blog, says “I’ve actually had AV Vendors tell me that they pull old and out-dated virus signatures…” How is that responsible? So all I have to do if I want to infect computers is to introduce a really old virus? What kind of liability issues does that raise?

Further down in the posts in his blog he says “Now, I’m often accused of being a Microsoft Zealot...” Well, at least he admits it. He’s on the MSFT side of the fence, I am on the Apple/Linux side of the fence. At least now, I know where we all stand.

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