Thursday, September 6

New Apple Keyboard review

Okay, so I went to the Apple store the other day (the Christiana Mall one is about 2 miles from work), just to see if I liked the new Apple Keyboard that they released at the same time as the new iMac.

Surprisingly, I did like it. I was impressed. I think I like it better than my old white Mac keyboard because the keys don’t travel as far. It’s more like a laptop keyboard (which I prefer), and the keys don’t depress as far as a regular keyboard does, but it has a nice ‘tactile’ feedback.

So, now it sits @ home. I really like it.

In fact, while using it the first day, I mentioned to my wife ‘hey, I think I type faster on this thing’. Of course, she rolled her eyes at me, but I had to test it.

I went to where you can take a non-scientific measurement of your typing speed, and with my Powerbook keyboard I can crank out 92 WPM (tested twice), with the new Mac Keyboard I can crank out 90 WPM, but with my old white mac keyboard, for some reason (maybe mental block), I can only get about 84 WPM.

So, like I said, non-scientific. But very interesting. To each his own, but I like it.

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