Tuesday, May 29

iPhone day

Yes, I did get the iPhone. It’s a funny funny story, and I’ll write it all down along with my review of the phone after it activates.

Since everyone is activating their iPhone right now, it’s taking a long time (according to the nice AT&T lady I am on the phone with)

The phone is alot nicer then I thought, nice screen, and since I actually used an iPhone at the store, the keyboard is alot better than I thought.

I just got off the phone with the AT&T rep, she said it may take up until 7 pm tomorrow to activate all the iPhones. Hopefully mine isn’t that deep in the queue.

More later, stay tuned.

Added Story -- Okay..

So, I got off of work at the customer I was at and was going to head up to the Apple Soho store. From where I was at, (World Trade Center) I had to walk up and catch the R/W Subway lines at City Hall. About 2.5 blocks. Not a bad walk.

On the way there, I passed an AT&T store. Having researched all the AT&T locations listed on their site, knowing that AT&T said the closest site was on Wall St, I figured this one was ‘unmapped’. The line had about 35 people in it. Not too bad. So I jumped in.

We kept having to move the line, since the people were waiting in line were blocking the ghetto ass stores that were around the location (on Broadway), and their managers kept coming out and hollering at the AT&T manager (PEOPLE GET OVER IT, IT’S ONE DAY!), even calling the cops at one point.

So we kept having to move, which meant that we were being crammed in tighter and tighter spaces with more and more people. It wasn’t awful, just crowded.

2.5 hours.

6pm rolled around, the started letting people in about 15 at a time. The first group went in, (the first lady in line sold her place/phone for 1500 bucks. Not too bad I guess, and another guy sold his place in line for 300.) About 10 people left to go in, (in front of me, there were about 100 people behind me), and they announced they were out of the 8Gig model. So, I was at this point kind of disappointed and figured I would buy a 4 Gig for Ebay or something.

5 ppl left, they ran out. So, they told us we could order one. Since we had heard that the wait outside the SoHo store was around the block, I ordered an 8 Gig phone, and went back to my hotel.

I got back to the hotel, head hung low, and feet sore from standing, i jumped online, only to be greeted by everyone’s pictures of their damn iPhones.

So I got frustrated, and got up and jumped on the subway and went to the SoHo store like I had originally intended to.

Got there. No line. Said to the ‘bouncer’ out front, ‘You guys have any phones?’ Plenty he said.

Went inside, and they had thousands. Literally tens of thousands of phones behind the counter. I should have taken a picture but my camera was dead.

If anyone has a picture of the inside of the Soho store on Friday, please email it to me.

So, I got my phone, and updated my “Apple Store Visits” page. Read here for iPhone review.

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