Friday, May 18

Icons are so 1995

Something else I noticed today, I was interested in how the new Finder desktop looks, in ref: the menu bar, the dock, Stacks...etc.. and I noticed something else

There are no icons on the Desktop.

Now, Steve said that one of the reasons that our desktops are so cluttered is because, when we download something, it falls on our Desktop. (True). So they created a Stack to manage all the downloads.

Which, if you strip all the other stuff off the Desktop, (Your Hard-drive icon, your CD/DVD icon (if you have something in the drive), your iDisk icon (if you have one), your other hard-drives, mounted shares...etc.. can all be found in the new Finder, which, can be launched from the most left button on the Dock.

Personally I like this. I don’t use my Desktop icons anyway, I actually shut them off and use my menu bar (at the top) and the Dock (at the bottom) like you are supposed to.

Which it looks like Apple is going to have you do in Leopard. Nice.

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