Monday, October 23

More Airport fun

So, I get to the airport today, and they cancel my flight when it was almost here.

Quick Story: I am currently sitting in the Augusta, GA (AGS) airport. I was booked on flight 4293 out of Augusta to Atlanta. They apparently cancelled the connecting flight from ATL to AGS, thusly canceling the return 4293.

Since flying at 2 was going to miss my connecting flight on flight 397 from ATL to SAN. (Where I had a first class upgrade) So Delta rebooked me through American Airlines. (Where i am sitting in coach!) and I wind up getting to SAN 4 hours later.

Just another late flight where the customers get screwed going from ATL to AGS or AGS to ATL. How can ASA possibly be against the customer (stay in business doing this to their customers) this much?

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Anonymous said...

Joel, I am a platinum medallion on Delta as well and am constantly amazed at how they treat customers. Not sure how they stay in business