Monday, October 23

Delta sucks

Okay. I could write this big long post about how Delta sucks. But I already did. Here an email I wrote to Delta:


Yesterday, October 21, 2006, I was traveling from Denver, CO to Augusta,GA and had a connection in Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. My flight from Denver was approximately 7 minutes late in arrival (the plane had to be de-iced in DEN), so I had hustle from one gate to the next. When I got to the original gate, I was notified of a gate change of just a few more gates down the concourse.

When I arrived at the gate at 2:55 p.m., I was told by the gate attendant that the flight had already left. I was disappointed to hear that the flight was already packed up and gone, yet the scheduled departure was not until 3:07 p.m. What bothered me the most is that I could still see the baggage crew loading the plane and the gate attendants were still printing out the passenger manifest.

I contacted the customer service department for Medallion members and expressed my concern with one of the Delta representatives. She informed me that according to gate check-in rules, a plane is allowed to leave up to 15 minutes prior to scheduled departure if everyone is accounted for. However, they are aware of those who have connections and should have allowed for more time. Apparently, that was not the case and they closed out early. The customer representative was quite confused as she looked further and found that flight 4103 was not even a full flight when they left.

After doing additional research I found that DL flight 4103 never pushed back from the gate until 3:30 p.m (23 minutes later than scheduled departure) and took off at 3:40. They arrived in Augusta, GA at 4:16 p.m.

I am a Delta Gold Medallion member and will achieve Platinum status by the end of this year. Unfortunately, I have not yet seen many benefits with Delta in being such a dedicated member. Flying out of Augusta, GA where my flights almost always originate, I have a choice of two airlines.
Depending on cost of flight and convenience I can pick from Delta or US Air/United.
Since I started to achieve Medallion status, I almost always pick Delta, spending well over 40K a year with your airline, for just business travel. Whether my employer pays for my travel or it is a personal purchase, this kind of service is unacceptable.

Please consider my frustration and address such issues with the Delta staff and crew.

Thank you!


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