Tuesday, September 26

Blog entries around

During my daily blog reads, I was reading David Weiss's blog, and he mentions some recent customer service he received from Apple. Turns out he, like me, bought the three free episodes of ABC's finalies of last season, and was accidentally charged for them. Read his entry here.

Not only did Apple refund his money, but they GAVE HIM MONEY.

Now THAT'S customer service. That's why I buy Apple products, that's why I am a loyal customer. Everything I have EVER needed from Apple was immediate and responsive. When I had to send my iBook back to Apple for the Logic Board recall. They overnighted me a box, gave me packing instructions, tape, and everything. I overnighted the box back to them, (at their expense), they fixed it in about 4 days, and overnighted it back. Everything was intact, the data was there. Everything. and it didn't take forever. I wasn't without my laptop very long.

THAT's why I buy Apple products, and the fact that they are awesome, but, the customer service rocks too.

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