Tuesday, September 19


Okay. I've been receiving emails like mad through isc.sans.org internal lists, full-disclosure, security, irc, jabber rooms I'm in, blah blah...

About all these "0-day's" in MS Windows. (As if we were surprised!?). I am just ranting to the point of... I am REALLY getting tired of hearing "0-day" every three seconds, frankly, it's getting annoying.

Please security professionals, I know that 0-day gets your bosses attention, because 0day has went from 'hax0r' term to freaking Marketing. bleh. Marketing (Yes, I know it has a purpose.. I just don't like it sometimes)

So... security guys... lets develop a new term. 0-day is dead.

P.S. It's pronounced "ZERO-DAY" not "O-day" like in the "O-jays". get it right.

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