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Restaurant Review (This is long) -- Part 3 of Hawaii

I'll try and post as many links as I can in here, so you can see the restaurant stuff itself. I'm pretty unbiased when it comes to restaurants, so I'll try and write it as general as possible.

Okay.. so in absolutely no order whatsoever.

1) Cheesecake Factory -- 2301 Kalakaua Avenue, Waikiki
This was great. We ate there twice, both times dinner, and both times was excellent. I had the Orange Chicken one night, and my wife and I shared a different meal another another night (can't remember what it was). The Chicken was excellent. Everything from the bar was great, and the Dessert was excellent as well. I recommend either "ADAM'S PEANUT BUTTER CUP FUDGE RIPPLE", "TIRAMISU CHEESECAKE", or "TOBLERONE® SWISS ALMOND CHEESECAKE". All were excellent. Wait staff was great. 5 Stars.

2) Duke's Canoe Club -- Inside the Outrigger Waikiki on the Beach. Lower Lobby.
Excellent as well. I recommend the Australian Lobster Tail, the Wings, the Quesadilla, and for Dessert, you HAVE to get the Hula Pie. However, it is not for the faint of heart. It's GOOD, and HUGE. (So is the lobster. It's gigantic). The wait staff kinda sucked here. But I have eaten there in the past, and it was good, so I think it's just the one guy we had. 5 Stars.

3) Dave and Busters -- 1030 Auahi St. (Also known as Ward Center)
Ate there for Lunch. I think all the Dave and Busters are similar. So, it makes no sense to go into detail about it. I had a Chicken Cheese-steak, it was excellent (I recommend a bit of Ranch Dressing and Tabasco sauce in it.) However, I can't compliment the wait staff here enough, the dude who waited on us was awesome. Remembered everything the first time. 5 Stars.

4) Shore Bird Restaurant -- Inside the Outrigger Reef on the Beach, Kalia Road.
This was okay. Ate there for breakfast and lunch. The food was medicore. Breakfast was overpriced, and the wait staff really sucked. 2 stars.

5) Breakers Restaurant -- 66250 Kamehameha Hwy, Haleiwa, HI. (Kamehameha is pronounced "Kuh may huh may huh", and Haleiwa is pronounced "Hall ey eva")
Great. Ate there for lunch. It's a little surfers hole in the wall type of place, great wings. I had a pulled "Patacchia's Kalua Pork Sandwich". My wife had their wings. I recommend both. Great wait staff. 4 stars. (it is a hole in the wall, wear a t-shirt and shorts -- you should be wearing these anyway..)

6) Ocean Terrace -- Inside the Sheraton Waikiki
Stay away. Lots of food. Mostly cold, not cooked, the waiters hardly speak english (japanese), we had the buffet. It was not very good. Dessert was the best part. Roaches were crawling along the floor. WAAAy to expensive. 1 star.

Update: I actually took the time to voice a complaint to Sheraton about this. They promptly refunded my full total. So, I have to give them credit. This is what they had to say:
We recently received your comments of the dining experience you received at The Ocean Terrace Restaurant in The Sheraton Waikiki Hotel. I would like to personally apologize for not meeting your dining expectations, particularly on an occasion such as your third wedding anniversary. I will pass on all of your comments regarding the food to our Executive Chef, and will also follow up with our staff to properly identify your needs and overall dining experience while you were here with us. We look forward to addressing these areas of concern to ensure proper service levels are met for all future customers.

Because we were unable to accomplish our goal of a wonderful dining experience for you and your wife, I would like to take this opportunity to reimburse you for your dinner on that evening. We have located the charges on your [credit card] of $xx.xx and will be applying a credit to your account. All though this may not fully make up for your experience, our hope is that you will once again offer us the opportunity to serve you in the future.

Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any more questions or comments and I will be happy to assist you. From the staff and management of The Ocean Terrace Restaurant at The Sheraton Waikiki, we want to wish you a pleasant year, and look forward to serving you in the future. Thank you.

7) Cheeseburger Waikiki -- Downtown Waikiki, Kalakaua Ave.
It was "okay", nothing to write home about. Your typical "gourmet" burger joint. Wait staff was a bit slow, but the drinks from the bar were excellent. My wife got bitten by some kind of either ant or mosquitos while we were there, so she was kinda pissed. But the food was good. 3 stars.

8) House without a key -- Inside the Halekulani Hotel. Kalia Road.
Excellent, highly recommended. Make sure and ask (the wait staff should tell you), what the catch of the day is. On the day we went it was Mahi-Mahi Fish. (Dolphin Fish, no-- not Dolphin, Dolphin fish. Mahi Mahi is Hawaiian for "Strong Strong". Although the fish wasn't very strong (which was good). Excellent flavor. My wife hat the Filet Mignon, also excellent. Wait staff, live entertainment both excellent. 5 stars.

9) Chief's Hut -- Inside the Outrigger Reef On the beach.
Again, I recommend the nachos. Ate there for breakfast and lunch x2. Both were excellent. Its right next to the pool and a waterfall. Very nice. Wait staff was also excellent. 4 stars.

I ate at various other places too, but these were the ones that stuck out in my mind. Check them out (Except for the Ocean Terrace).

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