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Hotel (Part 1 of Hawaii Review)

I stayed at the Outrigger Reef on the Beach. Now, to be fair, I stay at pretty nice hotels the majority of the time I travel, so it's kinda unfair for me to judge this hotel, but here goes.

1) The Elevators suck. Bad. They don't work efficiently, and you are constantly waiting for an elevator (I stayed in the ?Pacific? tower. (There are three). You have to swipe your card to get to the upper floors, and if you aren't quick, it will zip right past your floor (I stayed on the fifth floor). Then when the door opens, its not even lined up with the landing (elevator to floor). Kinda hazardous.

2) If you look at the above link there is a picture of the hotel room. THAT'S IT. That's the whole room, the only thing they don't show in this picture is the bathroom. Which, the majority of rooms, have a standup shower (no tub). And the shower is pretty small. Now, I am pretty skinny so that doesn't bother me, but if you are... 200 lbs+, you are screwed. It has one sink, and the toilet is not in a separate room from the rest of the bathroom.

3) If you look at the above link you will see a nice view of diamond head out the window. Caution, there are about, three rooms that have this view. If you are booked to stay here you better check which tower you are booked in, because if you aren't booked in the Diamond Head Tower, with a Diamond Head view, you either get a view of the street, or the building next to you. Horrible. BTW, the Diamond head tower? Completely under renovation. You can't stay there currently.

4) The "Shore Bird" Restaurant in the Hotel is okay. The breakfast buffet is a bit overpriced for what it is. But it was pretty good.

5) The "Chiefs' Hut" Restaurant in the Hotel was much better. Right next to a waterfall pool, this was very nice. I recommend the Nachos.

6) Every night they have live entertainment in the lobby. Which is pretty cool (BTW, I think just about every hotel has live entertainment), but there is a blind guy that plays bass. He is awesome. He plays the left hand reverse fingered, (from the top), and it is pretty cool. Good singer too.

7) Chief's Hut Bar, There is a bar there near the live entertainment. It's pretty good, although one night, the automatic blender was broken. Apparently the bar tenders aren't good enuff to actually use a REAL blender, so if the automatic blender is broken, no frozen drinks for you. Although the drinks, (when the blender worked) were very good, and well decorated.

8) There is a Starbucks and a Jamba Juice in the lobby. Both are good.

9) Hotel Internet -- okay. You have to watch the outrigger on this one. They pulled a fast one. There is FREE INTERNET ACCESS at this hotel, however, you have to get a code from the desk. If you don't get a code, you have to pay like 10 dollars a day. GET A CODE. They don't tell you that you need one, and they don't offer to give you one. You have to physically go ask. The Internet access is spotty at best, (I had to go out on the balcony, it's wireless.)

10) Pool -- The pool appeared nice, however it is the ONLY pool. I am used to hotels and resorts where they have a general pool, then there is a pool for adults only. There is only one pool. Therefore.. lots of kids.

11) Beach -- I sat on the beach with my wife the whole time. Very nice. Two lounge chairs and umbrella for the day, 30 bucks. Not too bad. (that's about the standard price up and down the beach) I recommend you go down the beach to the Sheraton Waikiki. The stand is run by the same guy (look for an older gentleman with white hair, very nice guy), the beach is a bit more secluded and quieter. Not as many people around, and peace and quiet. The stand sits back a bit and has a blue awning.

12) Fairfield. Now. Last but not least. Fairfield. I am a fairfield member, (I have a timeshare), and all these people want to do is sell you a timeshare. They hawk to anyone all day at any point. RIGHT in the lobby, you can't get around them. They are annoying as <insert expletive here>

Good time tho. Overall, the room sucked, but really... how much time do you spend in the hotel?

Recommendations? Stay in the Outrigger Waikiki on the Beach. I have stayed there before too, it is MUCH nicer.

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