Wednesday, September 5

Is Evernote going away?

Evidently we don't know if Evernote is sticking around, since there seems to be some panic on the internet about it today.

It is really easy to move your notes out of Evernote and into on the Mac.  (Click the above link for the easy instructions.

However, if you use Hazel, to say, monitor the "Downloads" folder on your Mac, and if any files show up there (like a PDF for example) and you want to have it automatically saved to  (This is handy after you try it).

I wrote a little AppleScript to do this for you, (in Hazel) since I couldn't find one on the Internet, and it wasn't rocket science:

tell application "Notes"
set mynote to make new note at folder "PDFS"
make new attachment at mynote with data theFile
end tell

If you have a folder in called "PDFS", it will create a new note in the folder for each file and attach the file to it (which for me, then syncs it with iCloud so the file is on all my devices). Pretty handy.

Anyway, putting this here in case any one else can use it.

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