Tuesday, December 14

Whew, what a whirlwind

Talk about a busy end of the year, so on top of going my actual consulting gigs for customers, I am also doing the other full time job I have of the Snort Community Manager. If you read my blog, you've known this.

So, what have I worked on so far.

  • Snort Twitter account. Not really a lot of work here, other than getting Twitter to remove it from the parker's clutches and give it to us.

  • Snort Blog. Getting this set up, with the DNS entries, blog posts, editing, writing, design, and even the banner image (thanks CC for that!) was about 3 weeks worth of work.  Check it out

  • Snort Mailing list/Forum Consolidation. I thought it best to let the Community decide, so I made a non-scientific poll to choose between the forums, the mailing lists, or the penultimate solution, to merge the two. Thought of Google Groups for this. Google Groups allows you to post like a forum, and post like a mailing lists, and Google Groups takes care of the arrangement, merging, and threading. Very nice. I had this all set up, and was preparing for everyone to start making the move over to Google Groups, and we came up with another idea. So we're working that angle right now (stay tuned).

  • Snort Subscriptions. Been doing a bit of backend work on Snort subscriptions, trying to figure out how to work this out to be a more streamlined process and eliminate a lot of the headache and purchasing obstacles for our users. Concept work mostly.  Also talking about VRT Subscriptions with various members of the legal team and VRT.

  • ClamAV subscriptions. Working on what we are doing and going to do for certified ClamAV code.

  • Code licensing. Meetings with our legal team!

  • Writing articles for magazines and getting ready for speaking engagements in 2011. Pretty much what it says.

  • Laying the groundwork for webcasts and Snort User Group Meetings. Going to fire these up in 2011 again. Several Snort User Group meetings are wanting to start back up. Great to see that there is a lot of interest for our community.

  • Bug filing and progress. What I've started doing is, if bug reports come in via various methods of bug reports, I take them in, triage them, put them into bugzilla, and provide feedback to the people that filed the bugs. This seems to be working quite well right now.

  • Working with our Web-team on any issues. Pretty much what it sounds like.

  • Fixing For instance, I rearranged the link. To bring the content that people are looking for the most to the front page. Also it was brought to my attention that we had a bunch of W3C html coding errors. I went through and fixed about 40+ of these.  Along with about 100 other barely seen or noticed changes to in order to bring the good content to the front, and the content that is barely used to the back (or done away with).

  • Internal VRT Subscriptions. It was brought to my attention that several people that work at Sourcefire apparently didn't have access to the VRT rules (like they should have).  Had to fix that!

Had an email that today that asked me about all these new "news" dissemination  methods that we are standing up and is it going to create confusion.  That's probably a blog post left for the blog.

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