Monday, October 11

I'm speaking at Security B-Sides Delaware

We have a lot going on in Delaware.  Tax-free shopping, we elect crazy people, and we have the Security B-sides Delaware event happening in November.

I was asked if I would submit a talk to the conference, and lo and behold, it was accepted. (Along with a bunch of other great presenters, check out the first round of CFP accepts here.  Hopefully lots of people will come.  I actually have a confession to make, I've never actually been to a Security B-sides, although, from watching the Twitter, they are very popular.

Abstract of my talk:
Shining light into the "now what" arena of IDS and IPS tuning, I'll talk about  what the next steps should be with the alerts, tuning, and maintenance of the ruleset and  configuration deployed into an IDS or an IPS.  General guidelines will be provided, however,  all guidelines must be adapted to your specific environment.

I look forward you seeing many of you there, thanks for supporting B-sides.  Okay, back to making slides.

Security B-Sides / BSidesDelaware.

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