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Verizon Rumored To Replace Google With Bing On All Android Devices

Yesterday, Spetember 9th, Verizon gave a preview to their newest "Android" phone coming out for their network, Samsung's Galaxy S.

It has a 4-in AMOLED screen, 1GHZ Hummingbird Processor, and it has the ability to become a hotspot.  However, Verizon has ruined the phone, and may ruin every phone on their network from now on.  Why?

The thing that makes Android great is it's integration.  Google built the OS, it's integrated into Google's infrastructure, and that's the way it works best.  Just like the iPhone, which works best with Apple's infrastructure (MobileMe, iTunes, etc).

Verizon has decided to cripple this phone by instead of tying it to Google, they have tied it to Bing.  Bing Search, Bing Maps, and instead of Google's awesome navigation app, they have replaced it with Verizon's own Navigation app, which, btw, they cleverly charge you 10 bucks a month to use.

Bloatware..  Blockbuster apps, Tetris apps that charge you money, etc.

To make it worse, Verizon has stated that they will be moving all of their "Droid" line to Bing.  It won't be exclusive, (meaning you can switch everything back to Google), but this is basically how to ruin a franchise.  (Verizon having Android on everything.)

This is where Verizon did it wrong with the iPhone as well.  When Apple came to Verizon and said "We are going to make a phone, you can be the carrier, but you can't put any apps or logos or anything on it"  Verizon said No.  So Apple went to Cingular (which later was bought by AT&T).  Cingular agreed, therefore the iPhone is on AT&T right now.

Apple's iPhone doesn't have bloatware (unless you count the apps that Apple puts on there themselves, which, I can understand your argument), it starts off with Google as the search engine by default, but you have the option to change it.

The iPhone doesn't force you to use a service, they force you to use the apps that are built in (unless you download new ones), like the "Maps" application, it's Google Maps and Google Search, but you'd almost never know it.  So far Apple hasn't ruined it, but we'll see.

Verizon may be ruining a good thing here.  Hopefully they don't.

Here's Gizmodo's review as well: here.

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