Monday, July 26

Apple Stores are good to me

Yesterday my wife and I took a visit to the local Apple Store, my Time Capsule had died, and since it was one of the original models, it was under a replacement program. I took the Time Capsule back, they traded my broken one for a brand new one, and I was done.

My wife, however, was a different story. You may remember from a previous post of mine that my wife dropped her iPhone4 while getting my daughter out of the car. Whoops.  Cracked the back glass to shreds.

She was fairly upset, since she had it about a week. Anyway, she went in, explained what she did to the Apple Genius dudes, and guess what?

They gave her a brand new phone.

/That's/ why I like Apple Stores.

Thanks to the Christiana Mall Apple Store Geniuses. You rule.

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