Tuesday, November 24


I don't remember exactly where I got this from, but I've been using it a lot lately to look at websites.  Since apparently, ad space and other random flash or movement based ads on webpages is now the norm -- making the content on a webpage impossible to read without distraction, someone made this.  It's called the Readability Experiment.  You go to this website, you configure the setup how you want, and then you drag the bookmarklet to your bookmark bar.

Next time you are on a webpage that looks something like this:

Let's see, we have a header (with an ad in it!)  Two ads below the header, and ad on the right, and a footer bar.  (I just randomly picked Cnet, because I know their stuff is laced with ads).  I mash my set-up bookmarklet.. and viola, I get this:

The actual content.

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