Wednesday, September 9

I bought something new...

Usually you read my blog for my long diatribes on Microsoft or something else that annoys me. OR Email, OR Apple, OR security

Today, bit different. This past weekend, I was driving down the street and I passed this guys house, now, this guy is one of those people that buys a car, fixes it up, and resells it for a modest profit, he does it mostly for fun, and really, not that INTENSE fixing car up kinda stuff, just get it running, or maybe just to sell it, as is, for a meager profit. So this guy always has some kind of car sitting out front.

The other day I drove past, he had a 66 Mustang, a Galaxie 500, another green mustang (67 I think), and this beauty.

I convinced my wife to stop and look at it, and after we saw it, saw the condition, we bought it. Not the original color, but it's a nice one. I am going to go pick it up tonight.

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