Tuesday, July 22


For those of you that are going to SANSFIRE, I'll be there on Wednesday night giving a talk on the "Mistakes made with Snort, How to correct them, and why you should".  It's at 7:00 pm.   The SANS @night stuff does NOT require a fee, so you can come and watch + participate.  Check it out here.

On another note we have the Internet Storm Center Podcast, live at 8:00 pm on Wednesday as well.  Between Johannes, Paul Asadoorian (Pauldotcom Security Weekly), and I (plus some other special guests?) we'll keep you entertained.  Please come by and support us!  If you can't make it in person, please listen live.  I don't know what URL we'll be using yet.  So keep your eyes posted here.

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Rick said...

Any chance you will make the presentation available to those of us who weren't able to be at SANSFire?

Joel Esler said...

Two things --

1) I am going to be presenting it live over the internet in upcoming future via a webcast through

2) I hear rumor that there is video and audio of the speech. I may get that.