Thursday, April 19

Helping Users with Snort

Recently Paul Melson (PaulM) made some posting to the Snort-users group about a problem he was having with Snort. A couple of us helped him fix it, and now he’s off and running. Paul posted this to his blog:

“Finally, a big thank you to Jason, Joel, and Adam at Sourcefire for being so helpful with this issue. Yes, I'm a paying Sourcefire customer, but they probably didn't know that and it didn't matter to them. That's awesome.”

No Paul, we didn’t know. No Paul, we didn’t care. Yes Paul, we were glad to help. You see, it’s not just about making money. We make money. We’re a vendor. It’s about keeping the customer happy. Whether you are just a Snort user, or an actual customer. If you keep people happy, they like you. Sometimes a question is so stupid you want to beat your head against the wall (that’s in any profession), but it doesn’t mean we don’t want to help. If you have questions about Snort, write in! We’ll help!

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