Tuesday, December 19

A Question for my readers

Please describe to me.. At what point does security become an operational burden?

When too many passwords, authentication mechanisms, log-on tokens, segmentation..etc... mount up.. what what point do you just say "hey, you know, this sucks!"

Please leave comments.


Shirkdog said...


Unknown said...

Well, this allways sucks. Everytime I have to authenticate myself. Everytime I have to remember a new password. Everytime I have to ask somebody for access to somewhere. It allways sucks. But I live with it, because alternatives are rare. I think, a well done, charming comfortable and non bothering identitiy managemant is a chuge challenge we have to face.

Anonymous said...

When it takes longer to authenticate myself than it does to perform whatever task I had to do in the first place.

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