Tuesday, February 7

Apple News for today

iPod Nano

Apple releases 1 GB Nano for 149, reduces the price on the iPod Shuffles down to 69 and 99 dollars for the 512 MB and the 1 GB respectively, the old prices were 99 and 149 new prices are immediately available at Apple.com.

Also you remember the 10 million song countdown? Well now we are counting to a BILLION. The winner gets:

iMac, iPod and iTunes Gift Card

* One 20-inch iMac
* Ten 60GB iPods (5 white/5 black)
* One U.S. $10,000 iTunes Music Card (good for any media type)

And every 100,000 songs gets:

iPod nano and iTunes Music Card

* One 4GB black iPod nano
* One U.S. $100 iTunes Music Card (good for any media type)

So go buy. In other news. I bought more Apple Stock today.

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