Wednesday, December 14

Microsoft/MTV Urge users to ditch iTunes -

Microsoft/MTV Urge users to ditch iTunes -

Microsoft can't let anyone compete with them, they always have to make a competing product. Because if MS doesn't make it, it's not worth anything.

To that I say, Up yours Microsoft. You know, I have hated MS for a long time, I refuse to buy their products, and I encourage all that I meet to do the same. I run 1 Windows machine in my house, and the only reason that I do is so that I can change my pay options (which require IE).

MS is cold, exacting, and heartless. Unfair and competitive. It's not like Microsoft is not making enough money as it is. Microsoft has so much money it could buy the presidency. Microsoft is so rich, and so utterly maniacal they can't help just bashing everyone that makes a competing product.

Apple invented the iPod. They didn't invent the Mp3 player. They didn't invent the music store. They invented a seamless and utterly simple user experience. Apple thinks years ahead of the competition. Their user interface on their OS, website, Music Store, and their iPod is unparalled. MTV, of course, is going to be a fanboy of MS. They have no choice. But this article kinda cinches the deal for me. I, for one, am going to boycott MS & MTV.

Anyone with me?

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