Thursday, October 13

Mac OS X 10.4 Mods

Think I am going to start posting a few OSX 10.4 mods in the ol' blog. Lots of people need em.

Hint #2
1. When you log in. First thing you should do... Spotlight the word "quartz"
2. Start "Quartz Debug"
3. Close the little popup window
4. Go to Tools -> Enable 2d Extreme
5. Say thank you to the next little popup.
6. Leave it running, go on about your life.

This enables the 2d Extreme graphic rendering tool (not just for graphics, but for everything, even your desktop programs...) Makes every program you start after you start the debugger much faster. No, I don't know why Apple doesn't have this on by default, I read this in an article. Google it. It's a good article. Basically 2d Extreme is the most overlooked tool there is. (Note: You must have the XCode tools installed for this trick to work. IMHO It's worth it.)

Hint #2
Tinkertool. Download it. Use it.

Hint #3
Cocktail. Download it. Use it.

HInt #4
Put the terminal on the dock. Its in Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal

Hint #5
Download Firefox. Use it.

More to come later.


MI5 said...

I'm very new to mac osx, can you help me by pointing me in the direction of running quartz debugger because it doesn't seem to be installed?

Kind regards.


Joel Esler said...

You must have 10.4 (Tiger)

Easiest way to find it is to use Spotlight.

Type in "Quartz Debug"

MI5 said...

I have OS X Version 10.4.2 build 8C46. I typed "Quartz Debug" into spotlight it only comes up with a "About Xcode Tools.pdf" & "bookmarks.html". Do I have to download the tools?

Joel Esler said...

Yeah you have to have the Xcode tools. Sorry, mine had the tools on it by default.

I'll update the blog entry.

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