Friday, September 30

All this New Orleans News

You know, I have basically grown tired of hearing about New Orleans and how bad everyone has it and how horrible it is, boo hoo.

Look people, the gov't told you to leave, and you didn't leave. Hello? It doesn't take a rocket scientist! I live in a city, right next to three major bodies of water, and I live below sea level. I would move. That's just me.

The Mayor's bright idea of emergency recovery was to have everyone go to the Superdome. Well that's fine, but where was the water? Food? Electricity? Lights? Security? I mean, come on! Your one (or two, the convention center) buildings that you wanted people to go, and you don't have a way to help the people that go there? You don't have a way to get them out?

The buses! Oh, the buses. Everyone has seen it by now, but in case you haven't, I stole this picture from "" (which IMO, is not a bad idea, impeach the chick who was at fault) That was the way to get everyone out of town. Too bad they are underwater!

Now the police have been charged with looting. Duh! Like they weren't looting.. Come on! We all knew that, I am just glad it didn't take forever to find out who was doing it. Major Nagin, is a moron. Gov Blanco, is a moron. I wish Bush could fire them, because they are the breakdown in processess here.

Then we have Former FEMA director Brown. Brown, offered assistance. Bush offered assistance. Blanco, Gov Kathleen Blanco, said "nah, we don't need it" and refused Fed help before the hurricane. Then, after it struck, they were the ones on TV talking about "where is the Fed Gov't"!? WTF!!! "They need to get off their asses" -- Mayor Nagin.

True quote.

Bush's fault my ass. Now, I like Bush. (I like the office of the Presidency), but Bush was good for me when I was in the military, gave me some nice raises, so I can't complain really. I don't really agree with 100% of his politics, but. whatever, that being said.

It's not Bush's fault. The residents of New Orleans need to be kicking themselves in the ass for electing Mayor Nagin (and not getting out of town). Former FEMA Director Brown said it best. Mississippi left, Alabama left, Louisiana decided not to heed the warnings. Well.. that's their own stupid fault then.

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SingleMind said...

Ain't that the freakin' truth! This exposed the cartel that has been running Louisiana for decades. They should all go to jail.

Bush got a few things wrong, but that disaster was hardly his fault. FEMA--for all its faults--actually was better this time than it was in previous disasters.