Tuesday, August 9

Just as a side note

Just as a side note, I thought it might be nice to tell you guys, sitting down next to Marty Roesch and have him explain how Snort is going to work for the next couple of years it really cool. Then him sitting down with you and taking the time to show you how the code works, (because it's already written).. it even cooler.

BTW -- I had a lot of questions about "can Snort run on OS X?". The Answer is yes. Why? Because it's coded on OS X!!

Didn't know that did you? Most of Snort's code is written in "vi" on mac os x. impressive.

Other than that, LinuxWorld is great. The food out here in San Francisco is fantastic, and if this week is anything like the preview of how it's going to be working for Sourcefire, this is going to be a very cool job.

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