Wednesday, May 7

Things I was Googled for

Here we are with Episode 2 of the "Things I was Google for Blog Entries"

"san antonio 2006 war" -- I have no idea why you wound up here. I've been to San Antonio, once, and I thought it was nice.

"kevin spacey star wars" -- Dude, hilarious. I know how you got here. This entry right here. My God that's funny.

"$8 gas" -- Gas is going to get to 8 bucks, I hope soon they do something about it. I wanna drive my Hummer. (No, I don't actually have a Hummer)

"isc podcast" -- Yup, that's the podcast I host. Check it out right here.

"relay transfer skype" -- You probably got here because of the article on Skype that I wrote. Read it.

"gdbm tiger" -- Here you go. You are probably trying to get gdbm working on OS X Tiger. Go here.

"GTD" -- GTD, stands for "Getting Things Done" I have a whole category of posts about it.

" weather page" -- I have no idea how you wound up on my page. haha. I'm not the weather site.

"killbits" -- You are looking for some information about Microsoft Killbits.

"army 'change of lifestyle' discharge" -- I used to be in the Army, but I still don't know how you wound up here. A Change of Lifestyle discharge is for people that win the lottery or something while in the military. It changes their lifestyle. The Army usually lets you out for this kind of thing. However, if you won the lottery, you shouldn't be Googling. Go use your open door policy and talk to your Battalion Commander.

Until next time. Happy Googling.

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