Wednesday, February 6

Why were you hired?

In my recent quest to make all things more efficient, I ask the question in the topic.  Why were you hired?  Seriously, sit down, look at your job, look at your job description.  What are you supposed to be doing, now, take that, and compare it with what you are actually spending your time doing these days.

You were hired for a reason, let's remember what that reason was and focus on it.   Were you hired to sit on conference calls?  Were you hired to check your email every five minutes?  Can you get away with checking your email every 15 minutes?  How about 30.  How about twice a day?

How can you get further in your job?  What can you study that will make you better at it?  If you are an IDS analyst, have you studied perl?  TCP/IP?  Snort?  Intrusion theory, pen testing, exploits, reverse shells, shellcode, malware?  Think about these things.  What can you do as part of your daily job to make your job better and be better at it.  Are you inundated with stupid projects?

I just post this in hopes that you'll do a self reflection.  Everyone needs to do this every once in awhile.  Stop, and think about if you are still on task.

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Anonymous said...

One of your best posts. We could all use this advice on a regular basis.

Andy, ITGuy said...

Good comments Joel. I agree that we need to encourage each other do not only do our jobs but to go beyond that and do all that we can to improve our jobs and in the long run our careers. The more we do this the more it will benefit us down the road.

Sp0oKeR said...

You are totally right!! We must think about this ... everyday! =)

There is a very nice text that you probably read already - How to do what you love - , if you didnt you should read it.


Rodrigo (Sp0oKeR)

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