Friday, February 15

Google Calendar and iCal Syncing

Well, I wanted a way for my wife to be able to accept events on her iCal, have it sync, automatically to her Blackberry, and even more, sync automatically with my iCal.  So, I found a nifty Google app called Google Mobile Sync for the Blackberry that automatically syncs the Blackberry and Google Calendar.  Great.  That's what I needed.

So I made a calendar in Google Calendar under my wife's Google account and tied the Blackberry to that.

Now I had to get her iCal (where she presently has all her events) to be able to sync with her Google Calendar.  Here is the tricky part.  You can read and subscribe to a Google Calendar, even setting permissions, per user, but you can't write to a Google Calendar (you can't use webdav from iCal to publish to Google Calendar.  That sucks.  (Hey Google, fix this, I know a couple of you read this blog.  I have logs, I have logs...)

So I found this app called SpanningSync which syncs your Google Calendar and you iCal (both ways).  Which is essentially the solution.  Only problem with this solution that I see is that you have to pay for the app.   I mean, I don't mind paying for software, I think coders should get paid too, but 65 bucks?  It's a tad bit much.  If it were, say 29 bucks for lifetime usage, then that would be the way to go.  Anyway, I hope this helps you all.


Alex said...


There's a free app somewhere on sourceforge for iCal/Google Calendar sync, too.

craig said...

I ended up switching to Yahoo Calendar because NOTHING I tried for Google Calendar was easy, synched two-ways and free.

Yahoo has a free, easy, two-way synch tool that works with Outlook (thus I'm assuming ical), which works with my wife mobile Windows phone and I can access via the web from work and put in updates.

Truly, how hard would it be for Google to build an Outlook, ical, easy, two-way synch tool? That's free?


Joel Esler said...

I agree!

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