My Mustang

This is a page to hold the current status of my 1968 Ford Mustang that I have. I'll try and keep a current project status and pictures of it's assembly/disassembly up here.

The shop that performed all the work done to the car is Christiana Muscle Cars, Inc.

They perform all kind of Muscle Car Restorations, specializing in Mustangs.  They are located in Wilmington, DE, not far away from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Baltimore, Maryland, New Jersey, and New York.

  • 1968 Ford Mustang Coupe
  • 351 Windsor Custom build (400-450 hp, estimated, the engine was not dyno'ed), Edelbrock heads and intake manifold, Holley 4bbl Carb
  • New Suspension
    • Front suspension uses the "Shelby Drop" and an inch cut off of front spring.
    • Rear suspension has rear drop springs.
  • Tremec T-500 Manual Transmission, Hurst Shifter.
  • New 8-in Rear.
  • 13in SSBC Performance Brakes with Slotted Rotors.
  • Driver and passenger floorpan replacement.
  • Front Inner fender replacements
  • Front Frame replacements
  • Front Throttle box replacements. (Essentially all brand new from the Firewall forward)
  • Oversized Radiator with Electric fan for cooling.
  • Color: Copper (Stock color is "Meadowlark Yellow") Car looked like this stock (as far as I know.)
  • Dual Flowmaster 50 series Mufflers.

Current Pictures:

Pictures of the restoration in progress are here.

If you have any questions about the car contact me.


Micah said...

Very very nice. I like to do the work on my car myself, but clearly the pros know what they are doing! Maybe I should consult them next-time and get better results.

Anonymous said...
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Brent Wood said...
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Willie Rose said...

You are very lucky to own and restore a 1968 Ford Mustang Coupe. I wonder the total cost of that restoration.

John Price said...

Man, I'd give anything for a Mustang. Especially a vintage one with a cool ride.

Phillip Harris said...

I would love to see your newly restored Mustang. May I just ask, how was it's condition when you decided to bring it on a restoration shop? Cause I've got a real old chevy pick up and I thought it would be classic if restore though I'm just worrying because it's in the worse condition possible I might be spending a lot on this. Do you have any tips for me to save more upon undergoing to a vehicle restoration myself? It would be appreciated.